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The Financial Advisory Services division provides a comprehensive suite of services to a variety of stakeholders in the areas of corporate recovery and insolvency, litigation support and forensic services.


Our team of qualified and experienced professionals, having serviced a wide range of clientele, have a proven track record of delivering high-quality services to the client and other stakeholders in an objective and timely manner.


Corporate Recovery and Insolvency Services


In a highly volatile economic environment, the financial condition of any company can change dramatically in just a short time, and businesses are finding themselves under increasing financial pressure to develop and implement restructuring and reorganisation plans. We can advise you to carve out a path to eventual financial recovery or an orderly winding down with the support of the stakeholders.




Restructuring and Scheme of Management


We offer consultation and practical advice to businesses and individuals in turning around, and can help them deal with the issues affecting financial performance and develop appropriate strategies to maximise stakeholder value or maximise the realisable value of the assets on an exit strategy.


As independent advisors to our clients, we will actively manage the debt restructuring process and deal with issues in an objective and timely fashion to achieve a consensual debt restructuring between a borrower and its creditors that yields the best return to all stakeholders.


A debt restructuring agreement typically requires all parties involved to mutually agree on the terms of the restructuring plan and where such consensus is not forthcoming, the debt restructuring plans are commonly implemented under a Scheme of arrangement and we undertake the appointment of a Scheme Administrator to administer the terms of the Scheme.


Judicial Management


Where a fundamentally viable company is fraught with financial difficulties, the judicial management regime provides an opportunity for the troubled company to be rehabilitated and nursed to recovery as a going concern.


The judicial management regime affords the company with Court protection and a stay on all legal proceedings from its creditors, while the judicial manager evaluates the business position and develops a proposal to deal with the affairs of the company for the creditors' consideration. As judicial managers, we will assume the role of management and control the day-to-day affairs of the company.




Where there is a deadlock between a borrowing company and its secured lender, and the company is in financial difficulties and is unable to meet its financial obligations, it usually culminates in the appointment of a receiver or receiver and manager.


The role of a receiver or a receiver and manager is to protect the interests and security of a lender, through the preservation and/or sale of assets secured under a debenture and the proceeds will be used to settle in priority the debt owing to the debenture holder.


Agent for Mortgagee-in-Possession


The objective is to act as an agent for the mortgagee who has taken possession of the mortgaged property.


Trustee in Bankruptcy


The role of the Trustee in Bankruptcy is to manage the affairs and assets of an insolvent individual.


The appointment of the Trustee in Bankruptcy can allow for maximum realisation of assets of the individual for distribution to all creditors, and subsequently assist the insolvent individual in obtaining a discharge from bankruptcy.


Nominee Administrator for Voluntary Arrangement


For individuals who are unable to fulfill their debt obligations, the appropriate recourse for them is to seek the appointment of a Nominee, whilst they are able to continue their livelihood without disruption to their daily lives.


We undertake appointments as Nominees to manage the terms of a mutually agreeable settlement proposal, which is implemented through a voluntary arrangement with the insolvent individual's creditors.




The purpose is to attempt an orderly winding down of business and maximise the recovery to creditors and shareholders, and the respective business entity will be eventually dissolved.


We undertake various appointments as liquidators in voluntary and court appointed liquidations.

In cases where the entity is solvent but has outlived its business purpose, a members' voluntary liquidation will be the most cost efficient method of closure.


Where the entity is insolvent and the directors are of the opinion that the entity is no longer sustainable, a creditors' voluntary liquidation will be an appropriate method of closure.


The compulsory liquidation of an entity is a winding up process which is commenced following an application to the Court. The liquidators are usually nominated by the petitioner and appointed by the Court.


Litigation Support and Forensic Services


We assist counsels and clients in challenging opponents' model assumptions and bring out effective trial resolution through our solid financial advice, perform iron-clad financial analysis and communicate our findings in a clear and concise manner.



  • Identification and review of the relevant documentation to form an initial assessment;
  • Assistance with examination for discovery and analysis of financial issues;
  • Preparation of expert's report and critical analysis of the opponents' expert report;

Forensic accounting and fraud investigation ( including irregularities, whistle-blowing allegations, asset misappropriations, corruptions, bribery, etc.)

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