ERM and Governance

With business risks a norm in today's unpredictable and often volatile business landscape, there exists an effective service that allows you to make crucial and informed decisions.


One e-Risk Services is a full-resourced service provider of internal audit, corporate governance and risk management services, with a dedicated team that anticipates and manages potential threats to your company.

Implementing an internal audit function will ensure that you are well-equipped to run the businesses while challenge the competitors. Our team can initiate and customize programs quickly and seamlessly, with minimal disruption to your business operations, thus enabling you to concentrate on your businesses.

Our flexibility is your greatest advantage. Your schedule sets the pace for our involvement. The program can be expanded or scaled back on short notice. Your audit emphasis can be aligned from year to year in accordance with the changing business environment.

Our objective is to assist you to make risk management a continuous and comprehensive process that creates ownership and accountability in your organization.


While ensuring adequacy of controls are in place, it is important not to create a bureaucracy that unduly constrains innovation and improvement, thus enhancing the value of your company.

Our internal audit experiences have proven to be value-added investments for our clients, because of the close working relationship we develop with management and employees alike. We believe in the long-lasting impact of our partnership with clients, through our following services:


Internal Audit


Our services as internal auditors are designed specifically to assist the Audit Committee to carry out their functions as prescribed in the Best Practices and the Code of Corporate Governance by Singapore Exchange Limited.

The role of internal audit is to provide an independent and objective evaluation of the system of internal control which the management must establish to safeguard the shareholders' investments and the organization's assets.

The internal auditor contributes greater value to an organization by considering risk factors which may cause significant losses, either through inefficient or ineffective processes and systems, or inadequate safeguarding of assets and resources.


Corporate Governance


We help companies to improve business ethics, effective internal controls and corporate governance. We review and advise on the works of Audit Committee in carrying out their functions, in accordance with the Best Practices (e.g. ACGC guidelines) and the Code of Corporate Governance.


We perform an annual review (prior to issuance of the Company's Annual Report) and report to the Company in respect of the Company's compliance with the Code of Corporate Governance.


To ensure that the Board of the Company complies with the Code of Corporate Governance issued by the Corporate Governance Committee, we review the Board practices and documentation and ascertain if all the guidelines in the Code are met, and, if not, make sound recommendations to improve the governance.


Enterprise Risk Management


Enterprise risk management (ERM) is used by business organizations to manage risks and seize opportunities related to the achievement of their objectives. It is a structured and disciplined enterprise-wide approach of integrating concepts of strategic planning, operations management, and internal control. It aligns organization's strategy, processes, people, technology and knowledge with the purpose of evaluating and managing risks that the organization faces.


ERM provides a framework for risk management, which typically involves the identification of events or circumstances that are relevant to the organization's objectives (i.e. risks and opportunities), assessing them in terms of likelihood and magnitude of impact, determining an appropriate response strategy, and monitoring the progress.


By identifying and proactively addressing risks and opportunities, business organizations can protect and create value for their stakeholders, including owners, employees, customers, regulators, and the investing public.


Outsourced Whistle Blowing


We assist Outsourced Whistle Blowing (WBRP) by providing an independent and dedicated channel of communication. Access to WBRP sources will be performed on regular basis. Upon discovery of complaints; a summary report of the complaints will be forwarded to the Audit Committee promptly.



Policies and Procedures


We provide resources or specialized expertise to assist you in all aspects of business operations assessment, to streamline the processes and customize policies and procedures to fit the companies' business strategy, culture and nature of business.


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