Business Advisory

It is time to move your business forward and take advantage of its potential to reach new heights. Our services include:


  • Identifying factors that may be stemming profitability and maximize your resources
  • Proposing business processes that increase efficiency and productivity
  • Analyzing and fine-tuning organization goals and strategies
  • Consultation in the implementation of organizational goals and strategies


Valuation Services


Whether you are buying a business or thinking of selling your business, it is always important to know how much the business is worth. We provide the following independent valuation services:


  • Valuation of businesses and enterprise
  • Valuation for compliance with the relevant financial reporting standards

We believe that valuation is not just the application of formulas and equations. It is an active application of our business expertise to help you arrive at a reliable valuation guide.


Reorganization and Restructuring


Thinking of restructuring your group to achieve an efficient structure to manage your business, for financial reporting and for tax purposes? Our team of experienced professionals will be able to help you achieve your goals and objectives. We will suggest structures that will meet your business goals from a financial, tax and legal perspective. In short, we are able to provide the full spectrum of services in your restructuring exercise.


Transaction Services


If you are considering acquiring a company or merging with another business or comptemplating a major corporate transaction, we have the right people to ensure that the process is managed effectively and efficiently, ensuring you reap the benefits of the transaction.


A well thought out and detail execution plan is key to the execution of the transaction. We offer consultation and practical advice on any major company transaction you may be considering.

We have the necessary commercial and business expertise to guide you through the whole process both “pre” and “post” acquisition or merger. The completion of an acquisition or merger is just the beginning of the journey to make your investment generate positive returns. We provide the following services:

  • Pre-acquisition evaluation
  • Pre-acquisition valuation
  • Financial and tax due diligence
  • Buyer or vendor assistance
  • Post acquisition integration


Incentive Schemes and Tax Incentives


Governement and statutory boards can aid you in starting an enterprise or growing your business. We can facilitate the process by:


  • Identifying the various financial support or incentive schemes that are available to your organization;
  • Application of government grants and licences;
  • Identifying the various tax schemes you may be eligible for;
  • Preparing information memorandum and business proposals for your applications.


Business Consultation


We offer consultation and practical advice to business and individuals on group structures with a view to maximise the potential of a business from a financial and tax perspective.


We also assist companies considering IPO in restructuring the group and review of financial statements prior to IPO.

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